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“One in three Chi­nese describe them­selves as reli­gious”

Offi­cial Chi­nese sur­veys now show that nearly one in three Chi­nese describe them­selves as reli­gious, an aston­ish­ing fig­ure for an offi­cially athe­ist coun­try, where reli­gion was banned until three decades ago.

As Christianity Booms, Is Religion Good for China? http://chinadivide.com/2010/christianity-booms-is-religion-good-for-china.html

A really interesting article discussing the effects of western influence on Chinese culture and people, especially the Christian influence. And asks the question: “Is any increase in reli­gion and reli­gious belief in China good or bad?”

Unfortunately the comments are more narrow-minded than the post.

Written by walker

2 August 2010 at 7:51 pm