Letters to the West

seven years in Tibet-in-Exile (and counting …)

Repression in China

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Some links to stories about life for the Han Chinese themselves in China. It’s not much better than it is for Tibetans, Uygers, Mongols, Manchus, and the around 50 other colonised peoples under PRC rule.

  • Deadline up for Chinese Petitioners [BBC 19 September 2007]
    Ordinary Chinese citizens who have travelled to Beijing to protest about local injustices have been ordered to leave their homes. … were given until noon today to move. …
    Petitioning is almost the only way ordinary Chinese people have of making themselves heard.
    It has been part of China’s system for centuries – it is the equivalent of throwing yourself at the emperor’s feet, begging to be heard.
    But the ruling Communist Party does not want any interruptions before its five-yearly Party Congress next month.

Written by walker

19 September 2007 at 4:33 pm

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