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seven years in Tibet-in-Exile (and counting …)

To those of you who are helping create the world-wide surveillance uber-state

To those of you who work for Google, Cisco, and the other corporations who are assisting China and other governments in the technologies of censorship and otherwise helping to build surveillance states:

Many people who i work with here, are leaving their email accounts at gmail and google apps, and getting email elsewhere. Why? “We don’t trust google.”

Just today, an interesting article in the Bangkok Post computer section. Thailand, and other countries, are following China’s excellent example. And using your company’s technologies and cooperation to monitor and control their people. Here’s an interesting quote: “Gmail remains secure when accessed via HTTPS, although he did question what went on behind the scenes when Thailand lifted the ban on Google’s YouTube and if any agreements had been struck.http://www.bangkokpost.com/040608_Database/04Jun2008_data003.php
(Italics mine. Inferring, what goes on behind the scenes, between the governments and google, to allow governments to access private information, emails, etc.Hmmm?)

Well, yes — we are using google maps at http://tibetanuprising.org/tibet-march-map and http://tchrd.org/maps/march_2008/ … It’s part of buddhist philosophy: you use the power of the evil for something good.


Google-ites and other IT-ites: I challenge you to open http://webwalker.to/, and, for five full minutes, watch that photo while repeating these mantras:

“This is not a black-and-white issue. This is not an easy issue”

“it’s better to serve users in a limited manner than not serve them at all.”

“Google can make meaningful and positive contributions to the already impressive pace of development in China.”

“The decision that we made to follow the law in China was absolutely the right one.”

If this has any effect on you, please don’t waste time emailing me about it. I’m busy. Go f-ing do something about it.

Sadly yours,

— james walker


Written by walker

4 June 2008 at 9:32 am

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