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seven years in Tibet-in-Exile (and counting …)

The situation in Tibet — and in China — is no better.

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Well this blog became just another example of internet abandonment. Not like any body sees it anyway. If an unread blog dies in the ocean of the Great Sea of the Web …. uh …. well obviously, No.

Things got pretty busy, especially after March 10. I had so many thoughts, i could have written a lot here. But also so busy there was no time. And the heart hurting so, feeling like squeezed in a steel cage. It was all i could do to get up every morning, and move through the day. Can’t even imagine what Tibetans must have been feeling like — and still. My most useful thing to do is write code, not blogs. So i did that.

A recent email from an old friend, who is actually being influenced by what i write, moved me to try to drop some of my mental turds into this again. If only one person gets a new idea, then everything is worth it, right? That was the whole point to begin with, the whole rationale why i sometimes, against my true nature and instinct of self-preservation, blurt out english sentences instead of for loops.

Tibetans in India are trying to March to Tibet


I know a lot of the people mentioned in this article.

I’m not quite sure what the difference is between the Indian government blocking supplies to the marchers’ camp, and the Chinese “People’s Armed Police” blocking food and water to the monasteries in Tibet.

The article says that Tenzin Tsundue has lost a lot of weight. He never had a lot of weight to lose to begin with! So he must look like a skeleton now.

These days it is almost impossible for Tibetans to get out of Tibet. And also impossible for Tibetans outside to get in. *You* are a westerner, like me. *You*, and i, can walk into almost any country’s embassy and get a visa, just like that. You (nor i) cannot imagine what it is like to have to jump through so many hoops, spend so much money and time, to be able to go out of your own country. … if you can go at all.

It’s interesting how India is so schizophrenic about its support/antoginism to the Tibetans it shelters. It’s all about money and power, and China appeasement.

“… the movement of this group of unarmed men and women threatens Beijing’s massive propaganda exercise. They are a nonviolent force dedicated to their people, their nation and the truth. They refuse to be silenced at a time when China’s long arm of oppression and manipulation stretches around the world.”

Appeasement … Bush said last week, regarding Iran i think, that appeasement never works! … but then … Iran doesn’t have as much money invested in the US as China. To whom appeasement is the name of the game for governments all over the world.

No attribution for the last. Just trust me. Google it. I’m tired again. Probly be another 6 months before another post …


Written by walker

4 June 2008 at 8:52 am

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